Friday, January 6, 2012

Hell YA!

New year, new website, bunch of new equipment and a new blog.

I'm super stoked on the new year and looking to make a running start on it starting with the SCORE LDC and right into the NEW series of HDRA just two weeks after.
I'm particularly stoked on the HDRA series since they are bringing racing back to Plaster City! I can not wait to see the trucks and buggies run one of the most challenging dezerts in the world AND it's in my back yard!
2011 was a growing year for GETSOMEphoto and I only see it getting better. Committed to the cause it can only get bigger and better!
A special thank you goes out to my fiance Karin, my family - Mom, Pop and my sister, my friends and fellow photogs and all the GETSOME Crüe who helped - Floyd, Kramit, and my Pops.

Gracias para ti!

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